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Thank you so much to @pnmag for featuring Woolf With Me in the January 2017 Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine! What a wonderful way to start the New Year. Be sure to show your love and support by picking up a copy of the magazine in stores now!

xo Lindsay Woolf



zig zag baby blanket woolf with meIt depends on your own wants and values—and your budget. The difference between organic cotton and the regular kind is that organic is farmed without the use of pesticides, so it's less likely that chemicals will come into contact with baby's skin if his clothes and sheets are organic🌿 Did you know that cotton farming accounts for more than 10 percent of the pesticide use in the world. Releasing those toxins into the air, earth and water is considered bad for the environment—another reason to choose organic. -thebump

Woolf With Me is proud to be 100% GOTS certified organic


personalized queen pillowcase woolf with me

We are so excited to announce our NEW Cursive, Personalized Baby Bedding to our online shop!

Thank you to Mama @kelseyarrowood for this adorable photo of Baby Lily laying next to her queen size personalized pillowcase!



"One thing's certainly for sure, babies need lots of space for all of their essential stuff! Between diapers, toys, clothing and furniture, a nursery ends up being home to far more than just a precious brand-new babe.

Faced with the challenge of finding room for their new son, Cruz, Jacquelyn Kazas (who works by day as the owner and creative director of Beijos Events) decided to get extra creative by carving out a nursery in her attached master bedroom office." Go to Glitter Guide to read more...
Article by Carrie Waller
Photography by Megan Welker



Crib sheetWe see a lot of baby names come through the Woolf With Me shop due to our personalized crib sheets and swaddle blankets. Just this morning I was reminiscing the days leading up to our kids being born and how we arrived at our children's names.

The process of picking a name for your child is going to vary greatly between family to family. Whether it's a family name, a name you've been thinking about since you were a kid, one you found on the top baby names of 2016 list, a celebrity you admire, biblical, or something that came to you in a dream- there are no wrong ways. It's a very exciting time, the name you choose will be with this person forever! It's a daunting task, but incredibly exciting. For us it added to the "realness" of the entire process of having our first baby. There are so many things to think about in those 9 months before birth, but naming your child is tangible and in your control which is a very comforting feeling during this time.

For our first child we started thinking of names before we even knew the gender. We went through dozens of combinations and scoured every method to finding names. There were many that we liked (individually) but between the both of us parents we didn't agree on a name until we arrived at "Liv". We instantly loved it. I felt that it would feel proper to give her a full name Olive and we could call her Liv. As soon as Olive arrived I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I've actually called her Liv. She arrived as an "Olive". Sometimes you may have a plan and throw it out the window. I've met many people that have waited until the baby was born to decide on a name. When the baby comes he/she will help lead the way in the decision.

Our second child, Remington was named much quicker. We had two names in mind but Remington just felt right in the end. His Great Grandfather "Daddy Jim" worked for Remington typewriters and eventually opened his own business servicing and selling them to the people and schools in town. He grew a business out of nothing, this rings true to us. We decided to pay homage to this by naming our child, Remington. Most the time we call him Remi, go figure.

For us, we gave both of our children middle names that were family names. We decided it was a great way to keep those family members in our thoughts. Our children would see their middle names and ask about the people they were named after. We can tell them stories and keep the family heritage and story strong.

The Woolf With Me shop started this trend of personalized baby items because of our two kids. We felt so happy to share our children's names, we were already making bedding, and thought "we should print our kids names on the blankets!" so we did and the rest is history.

We love seeing all the names that come through the shop, we often see ones come through that we've never seen, or ones from other countries and think about the families they mean so much to. It makes us proud to add to your memories and stories by creating your personalized crib sheets, pillowcases and swaddles for name reveals and pictures. Keep them coming!

Thank you everyone for your support, and good luck with the baby naming!

The Woolfs
September 30, 2016 by Lindsay Woolf

2 AND 4

Hello Everyone! Our kids keep getting bigger, I'm reminded of this every day as I see so many pictures posted of your beautiful children brand new and cuddled up in their swaddles. I think back to just a couple years ago being in the hospital getting to know my newborn babies. We stared at their little features for hours on end, cried with joy, and sat breathless taking in all the little coos and cries that squeaked out of their mouths like music. Being able to fit our babies entirely in our arms without flailing legs, gently rocking them to sleep as we gaze deeply into their eyes. "What will they be like?" We ask ourselves. You don't realize in that moment but you already know them, so much of their personality is right there from birth. People tell you during that time that it goes by so quickly and you should soak it up as much as you can, but in-between sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and general worry it's hard not to take those fleeting moments for granted. You turn around and find that you are no longer bouncing a baby around in your arms, and instead your chasing them around the house.

Our children are now 2 and 4 years old. We take so much pleasure in playing games with them, teaching them, and just goofing off and laughing together- but they certainly aren't babies anymore. At night we picture them tiny and wrap our arms around them and take in deep breaths. We hold their hands while they sleep and sit still trying to make those moments last forever.

We are so blessed for these little lives we've made. Not that you need it from us, but we just wanted to send out a little reminder- keep up the good work, enjoy your little ones, write down everything, take pictures, they are growing right before your eyes.

Love you all!

The Woolfs.


organic fleece baby blanket gray woolf with me

organic fleece baby blanket dusty pink woolf with me

Friends & Family~ We are proud to announce the PREORDER launch of our first Organic Cotton Fleece Baby Blanket. Ready to ship very soon in two colors. Pre-washed and super soft with a vintage look.

We all remember those special blankets and stuffed animals that came with us on trips, playdates, or finished off the perfect fort in the living room. We were inspired by this and made this blanket to specifically suit these purposes. We created this piece from start to finish designing the thickness, softness, colors, print and size to be perfect for parents and kids everywhere. This is the perfect blanket for keeping the kiddos warm in the stroller, blocking out sunlight, laying down for play or diaper changes, or just running around the house with it like a cape.

This is a stepping stone. For the past 2 years Woolf With Me® has been selling products made to order, but now we must grow and meet the needs of more families. We have big plans to create many more products, but we can only do that with the help of our faithful friends and customers who have been pushing us to keep going since the beginning. Please do us a favor and buy/share/gift these blankets so we can sell through and introduce more fantastic products.

We plan to stay American Made and Certified Organic. We want to listen to our friends and customers and create products that will make our children happy. We started this company out of love- building a future for our kids and family, and our passion for art and creativity.

All of our customers and friends have been such a huge inspiration. We can't thank you enough for sending us beautiful pictures of your children, letting us see your newborns so young and sweet still in the hospital wrapped in our blankets, and watching them grow. It's been an amazing treat to be so connected to everyone through social media. We love you all and hope to stay in touch as your kids grow.




So honored to be featured in the COULD I HAVE THAT? MINI digital magazine for Fall 2016. It's a beautiful magazine for all things kids, babies and motherhood. Thank you so much Samantha Wennerstrom!


American Flag Blanket

Just added a bunch of Ready to Ship Crib Sheets & Changing Pad Covers in the SALE section at WoolfWithMe.com Go take a peek before they're all gone!

Thank you so much Mama @mindytingso for sharing this beautiful photo with us! #woolfwithme

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