Gift Ideas for Parents to Be.


Being a mommy myself, I am regularly asked this question, What is a good gift for new mommies and daddies?

Here is my list.

1. Gift Card to a Spa for a Manicure, Pedicure, Couples Massage, Hair Cut/Color or Wax.
This is an absolute luxury and new parents or soon to be parents don't want to spend the extra money to pamper themselves. However, if you offered a gift card you bet they would use it!

2. Gift Basket with Candles, Make up, Body Oils, Bubble Bath, Lotions, Fingernail Polish.
Perfect gift for mommy. Nothing like having me time with a smell good candle, a bubble bath, fun makeup to play with and a hot new color to paint your nails and toes.

3. His and Her Robes with Monogramed Initials and Pajamas.
New Parents/Soon-to-be Parents spend A LOT of time at home. Whether you're having morning sickness or staying at home with a newborn you can never have enough pajamas to wear. Why not a robe to go over those cute pajamas.

4. New pair of trendy Sunglasses.
Great way to look and feel sexy while covering up those bags under your eyes from no sleep!

5. Gift Card to their favorite Restaurant.
After the new scent has faded, parents will want to have some alone time. Treat them to their favorite dinning spot.

6. Collection of good magazines to read.
Perfect for the hospital. (gossip magazines, health and fitness, parenting, home and garden)

7. Gift Basket of yummy organic food, champagne or wine.
The day after Olive and Remington were born my best friend visited us at the hospital with an assortment of cookies, cakes, tarts, soups, salads and champagne. What better way to celebrate than pigging out with your husband and best friend.

8. Gift Card for a bucket of Golf Balls to the Driving Range.
It's a nice way to get parents out of the house, into the fresh air and sunshine.

9. Surprise them with Take Out or have Food Delivered to their home.
I remember one of our good friends coming over after family had left with pizza. We were so excited and most importantly SO thankful.

10. Gift Card for an In Home Masseuse.
It sounds expensive but it's actually the same price as going to a spa.

11. Cook and Freeze easy to reheat Meals.
This is by far the BEST gift you could give new parents. It takes the stress out of new parents having to figure out what to prepare when they are completely exhausted.

12. Tag Along/Babysit.
You can offer to babysit but from experience I never wanted to leave my baby. However, if someone offered to tag along with us to help with baby duties (hold the baby while we eat) that would be a dream come true.

13. Gift Card for Maid Service.
I would feel terrible having my friends or family clean my house but a gift card for maid service? You better believe it!

14. Gift Card to Couples Yoga.
Why not treat the parents to some alone time and relaxation.

15. Gift Card to Mommy or Daddies favorite Clothing Store.
Make sure it's a gift card to Mommy and Daddies clothing store. Otherwise, this gift card will go straight to the baby!

February 23, 2016 by Lindsay Woolf
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