Crib sheetWe see a lot of baby names come through the Woolf With Me shop due to our personalized crib sheets and swaddle blankets. Just this morning I was reminiscing the days leading up to our kids being born and how we arrived at our children's names.

The process of picking a name for your child is going to vary greatly between family to family. Whether it's a family name, a name you've been thinking about since you were a kid, one you found on the top baby names of 2016 list, a celebrity you admire, biblical, or something that came to you in a dream- there are no wrong ways. It's a very exciting time, the name you choose will be with this person forever! It's a daunting task, but incredibly exciting. For us it added to the "realness" of the entire process of having our first baby. There are so many things to think about in those 9 months before birth, but naming your child is tangible and in your control which is a very comforting feeling during this time.

For our first child we started thinking of names before we even knew the gender. We went through dozens of combinations and scoured every method to finding names. There were many that we liked (individually) but between the both of us parents we didn't agree on a name until we arrived at "Liv". We instantly loved it. I felt that it would feel proper to give her a full name Olive and we could call her Liv. As soon as Olive arrived I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I've actually called her Liv. She arrived as an "Olive". Sometimes you may have a plan and throw it out the window. I've met many people that have waited until the baby was born to decide on a name. When the baby comes he/she will help lead the way in the decision.

Our second child, Remington was named much quicker. We had two names in mind but Remington just felt right in the end. His Great Grandfather "Daddy Jim" worked for Remington typewriters and eventually opened his own business servicing and selling them to the people and schools in town. He grew a business out of nothing, this rings true to us. We decided to pay homage to this by naming our child, Remington. Most the time we call him Remi, go figure.

For us, we gave both of our children middle names that were family names. We decided it was a great way to keep those family members in our thoughts. Our children would see their middle names and ask about the people they were named after. We can tell them stories and keep the family heritage and story strong.

The Woolf With Me shop started this trend of personalized baby items because of our two kids. We felt so happy to share our children's names, we were already making bedding, and thought "we should print our kids names on the blankets!" so we did and the rest is history.

We love seeing all the names that come through the shop, we often see ones come through that we've never seen, or ones from other countries and think about the families they mean so much to. It makes us proud to add to your memories and stories by creating your personalized crib sheets, pillowcases and swaddles for name reveals and pictures. Keep them coming!

Thank you everyone for your support, and good luck with the baby naming!

The Woolfs
September 30, 2016 by Lindsay Woolf
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