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"Along with obvious changes, such as lack of sleep and a complete shift in day-to-day priorities, there are transitions of parenthood that run deeper than what’s observed on the surface. Becoming a parent marks the ultimate step away from one’s own childhood. Being a mother or father can challenge the part of us that still longs to be nurtured or taken care of. Many pregnant women have just spent nine long months feeling “pampered,” being treated gently, and attracting interest. The sudden shift from feeling taken care of to becoming the primary caretaker of a dependent newborn can be wonderful, but it can also stir us up emotionally.


No matter how old we are when we decide to start a family, a symbolic separation takes place in our minds that many of us aren’t even aware of. However, this separation frequently affects the way we feel and can manifest itself in sadness, anxiety, depression, or a sense of loss. It can even arouse emotions of which we are deeply ashamed, such as resentment or jealousy toward our baby. The mixed bag of emotions we experience as new parents often leaves us falling silent about anything negative we may be feeling. This prevents us from realizing that having these feelings does NOT mean we don’t love our children or value and appreciate the fact that they were born. However, if we feel guilty or refuse to talk about our negative reactions, we miss out on identifying where these feelings are coming from and on better understanding ourselves so that we can become better parents.” -Lisa Firestone Ph.D. #woolfwithme

Pictured: Woolf With Me® Yellow Floral Organic Crib Sheet, Personalized Organic Swaddle Blanket in Black Font and Frilly Cap in Black Stripes

May 21, 2019 by Lindsay Woolf

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