organic fleece baby blanket gray woolf with me

organic fleece baby blanket dusty pink woolf with me

Friends & Family~ We are proud to announce the PREORDER launch of our first Organic Cotton Fleece Baby Blanket. Ready to ship very soon in two colors. Pre-washed and super soft with a vintage look.

We all remember those special blankets and stuffed animals that came with us on trips, playdates, or finished off the perfect fort in the living room. We were inspired by this and made this blanket to specifically suit these purposes. We created this piece from start to finish designing the thickness, softness, colors, print and size to be perfect for parents and kids everywhere. This is the perfect blanket for keeping the kiddos warm in the stroller, blocking out sunlight, laying down for play or diaper changes, or just running around the house with it like a cape.

This is a stepping stone. For the past 2 years Woolf With Me® has been selling products made to order, but now we must grow and meet the needs of more families. We have big plans to create many more products, but we can only do that with the help of our faithful friends and customers who have been pushing us to keep going since the beginning. Please do us a favor and buy/share/gift these blankets so we can sell through and introduce more fantastic products.

We plan to stay American Made and Certified Organic. We want to listen to our friends and customers and create products that will make our children happy. We started this company out of love- building a future for our kids and family, and our passion for art and creativity.

All of our customers and friends have been such a huge inspiration. We can't thank you enough for sending us beautiful pictures of your children, letting us see your newborns so young and sweet still in the hospital wrapped in our blankets, and watching them grow. It's been an amazing treat to be so connected to everyone through social media. We love you all and hope to stay in touch as your kids grow.



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