3 Pouch Removable Insert // Same Day Shipping!

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Brand Tier1-Dad

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The 3-pouch Removable Insert is perfect for carrying a bottle, wipes, and diapers leaving the rest of the space to fit your daily needs. The 3-Pouch Removable Insert has removable mesh bags with drawstrings that will come in handy for everything from carrying wet clothes to be hung on the outside of the bag, to securing other items to prevent spills and leaks. The back has velcro panels and will secure into any one of our bags seamlessly. This insert makes a great "go-kit" for a quick bathroom feed and change without bringing the whole diaper bag. This is highly recommended as a great addition to any bag purchase.

*the picture in this gallery shows diapers, wipes, bottle, and a messenger bag that are not included in the purchase of the 3-Pouch Removable Insert* 

*NOTE: Some details on pouch may vary from product images. This can include but not limited to: mesh, trimming finishes, and label placement. We do our best to stay consistent.

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