I am Lindsay Woolf the mama behind Woolf With Me®. I love everything bold, comfy and neon. When I was eighteen I moved from Texas to California for art school. I was trained in Film and Digital Photography. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and double majored in Commercial Advertising and Portraiture. My fondest memories of college were spent processing my film in the dark room at an old mansion in Montecito. I met my husband there and I knew one day I would marry him… 8 years later we got married in the same town where we met and now have two kids.

Thinking back as a kid I always wanted to be different. I would often sleep over at my grandparents house just so I could stay up late with my grandmother Momese to put the final touches on outfits she'd sew for me to wear to school. I would pick out the fabrics and she would sew it all together. I would often day dream at school about what my grandmother and I would create next. I never learned how to sew until my daughter was born. However, my love to create+design started at a very early age and my grandmother continues to inspire me each and every day. 

When I'm not sewing, you can find me relaxing on the beach or at the farmers market with my family. You can also find me out on location photographing people + weddings or writing on my blog.

My motto?
"If everyone is going right... go left. Always be yourself!”