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We offer Modern+Organic Bedding & Clothing for Kids with BIG Imaginations!

All items are handmade by Lindsay Woolf in Santa Monica, California.

Trying to decide a theme for your nursery? Start with the fitted sheet. Let that be your focus point then start matching... mismatching the rest!

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Lindsay Woolf is available Monday-Thursday. Excludes Holidays.

All orders are made to order and take approximately 4 weeks.

If you'd like a shorter turnaround time, you can purchase Rush Order
Woolf With Me® // www.WOOLFWITHME.com

About Mama Woolf~

Hi, I'm Lindsay Woolf the mama behind Woolf With Me®. I love everything bold, comfy and neon. As a kid I always wanted to be different. I would often sleep over at my grandparents house just so I could stay up late with my grandmother Momese to put the final touches on outfits she'd sew for me to wear to school. I would pick out the fabrics and she would sew it all together. I would often day dream at school about what my grandmother and I would create next. Now having kids of my own my grandmother Momese is my inspiration for sewing for my kids, Olive + Remington and every kid with BIG imaginations!

When I'm not sewing, relaxing on the beach or at the farmers market with my family you can find me out on location photographing people + weddings or writing on my blog.

Thank YOU so much for supporting my small business!
Lindsay Woolf

Tag your little ones on Instagram @woolfwithme #woolfwithme doing their best Woolf With Me® pose and I'll direct message you a surprise discount code to use at checkout!
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