There are many different sleep aids that can assist in helping your child to sleep soundly, nightlights are the most common, because it helps provide a continued calmness for the baby throughout the night, creating longer sleep intervals.

  • It’s helpful for toddlers who begin to have nightmares

Often, between the ages of 2-4 some children develop a fear of the dark. Having a nightlight in their room has been proven to help them feel safer, ultimately making it easier for them to go to sleep and stay asleep.

  • Parents and little tots can walk through a dark room more safely

Having a source of light can help you when it comes to checking on your little one. It is also essential for those early days when you need a small amount of light to see what you’re doing during night time feeds and diaper changes. Once your child is toilet trained a night light will help them find their way to the loo.

Here are a few Kids Night Lights that I admire…

  1. Little Lights, Mini Rainbow Lamp, Retro

  2. Zoé Rumeau, Moon-Shaped Light

  3. Mr Maria, Smiley XL LED Lamp

  4. Mr Maria, Miffy First Night Light Lamp

  5. Rose in April, Joseph Bunny Light

  6. LieWood, Winston Night Light - Panda

  7. Mr. Maria, Brown Bear Lamp

  8. A Little Lovely Company, Mini Duck Light

  9. Lapin & Me, Mini Fawn Light

  10. Lapin & Me Baby Bunny Lamp