Once upon a time there was a Little Woolf. This Little Woolf was very adventurous. She had so much energy and so much to do everyday often times she would not want to go to her crib. To Little Woolf bedtime was boring, there was nothing to see and no adventures to be had.

Outside of bed there were oceans and jungles and woods and animals and gardens and forts- of course Little Woolf didn't want to go to bed. Until one day everything changed...

Little Woolf and her best friend Reggie (a hedgehog) were scavenging the den looking for materials to build a fort. They took blankets from the beds. They took pillows from the couches and emptied out the linens from the closet. They even found Mama Woolf's sewing chest full of colorful fabrics. They used blue fabric to line the bottom of the fort to make the floor to look like the ocean. They used red for the ceiling which looked like the sunset and they used a floral print for their island. The island was a very comfortable place to lay down.

So they did.

and they slept.

Usually when Little Woolf finally crashed out in forts and messes she would wake up back in her boring bed, the forts would be put away, and she would scream to get out and back to adventures.

This time was different.

Mama saw the fort Little Woolf and Reggie slept in. This gave Mama an idea.

"What if?” - Mama Woolf dashed off to get to work.

In Little Woolf's sleep she had a dream and in her dream she heard a sound.... The sound of her Mama Woolf hard at work on the sewing machines.

While Little Woolf slept, Mama did her best to recreate the fun of the fort. She made bright puffy pillows, colorful sheets, blankets with all sorts of designs. She did everything she could to make the crib more interesting.

When Little Woolf and Reggie first opened their eyes, they found themselves back in the bedroom… and back in the crib.

BUT it was beautiful and amazing. The bottom of the bed once again looked like the ocean, the blanket they were on looked like the islands, and their pillows looked like clouds. Mama Woolf had done it! With the artistic inspiration of Little Woolf and Reggie she created an adventure.

Little Woolf and Mama spent that afternoon reading books in the new bed, and that night Little Woolf was excited to get back to sleep.

What would Mama transform the bed to next?