It’s “decades day” at school next week and our daughter is dressing from the 60’s/70’s. It was time to call my parents and see what was groovy during their years as kids! Here's what they had to say…It was all about bellbottom pants, surfing, platforms shoes, high waisted pants, tie dye, feathered hair, the afro, corduroy, circular sunglasses, Star Wars toys, Barbie doll toys, lava lamps, turtle neck shirts, Batman TV series, 8-track tapes, tube socks, a choper bike with a banana seat, stretch armstrong toy, nurf balls, bean bag chairs, The Beatles music, black light posters, Easy Bake oven toy, NASA the space station, peace symbol, Troll dolls, the game Twister, a subscription to Tiger Beat magazine, mini skirts, smiley faces, chevron print clothes, moon boots, $20 US dollars in quarters for arcade games, sweatbands, large floppy colars, puka shell necklaces, mood rings, love beads, Baby Alive toy baby, punk rock, and roller skates… the list goes on.

Here is what I put together for our 3rd grader!